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About Us

We Are Experienced Finance & HR Professionals

Swiss Finance Recruitment is a Swiss recruitment company run by experienced Finance and HR  professionals. Our consultants have many years of practical experience in various areas of finance, accounting and HR. Based on this experience, we are able to identify your needs for the next employee in a targeted manner and guarantee a precise “matching”.

With these prerequisites, we ensure that an efficient and targeted application process is implemented for both parties based on a precise requirement profile and our professional pre-selection. We take an all-encompassing and far-reaching advisory approach on both the side of the job provider and the job seeker. Successful matching is only possible through a detailed understanding of the ideas and requirements of the parties involved.

We support the recruitment process according to your wishes, from full process outsourcing, specific task outsourcing and coaching and advisory  for candidates and clients.

Our Team of Experts

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Tanya Jeannet

Senior Consultant

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Stefan Schöning

Senior Consultant

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Bianca Duss

Senior Consultant

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Fanny Plattner-Cantin

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Daniel Carotta

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Marco Plattner




Antonella Vasta


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